Atlanta-based Vape Orenda founder Lincoln Meredith believes in change… after all, it is the only constant in the world.  He believes in changing for the better, in personal evolution and growth.  Vaping brought about a huge change in his life and the lives of many of his friends; such a powerful and attractive change that it spreads to others.

Helping others and positively impacting people’s lives is Lincoln’s goal, and the driving force behind his commitment to quality.

Vape Orenda was not rushed.  Lincoln spent over a year of research and development in all aspects of creating e-liquid before founding the company.  He wanted to share his passion and vision in a way that would positively impact people’s lives via e-liquid, after over 20 years of creating memorable moments in his prior profession as a classically trained chef.

Lincoln has since developed a method for creating e-juices that continue to engage and never tire the palate. As was the case with his cooking, his e-liquids are complex and layered with both flavors and experiences that are truly unique and enjoyable to a wide range of palates.  Lincoln’s ultimate vision, marrying the culinary and vape world, has been realized as he brings the chef, sommelier, and vape enthusiast together at one table.


Eye ScreamImagine stepping into your favorite creamery and enjoying a scoop of freshly made, real strawberry ice cream atop a sweet sugar cone.  Then imagine that experience bottled in eliquid form.  Giant Vapes and Vape Orenda proudly present Eye Scream, your new all day vape.

Go Nuts - Go Nuts is a spot on replica of the iconic, cream-filled, warm, glazed donut from a very popular American donut shop chain.

Triple Beam - Your favorite watermelon candy.  You’ll recognize the flavor the second it hits your tongue.  Guaranteed to make you jolly while you go about your daily ranching.

Whirling Dervish - Forget everything you know about vanilla custard e-liquids.  Whirling Dervish by Vape Orenda takes a vanilla cream enriched custard, blends it with exotic spices, then gently tucks notes of honey, fruits, and other aromas into its folds.  It’s unlike any vape you’ve ever experienced, stimulating the senses as different subtleties peek out with every puff.