Taffy Man begins with their instantly recognizable and distinct taffy profile base for the perfect flavor – vaping Taffy Man tastes, smells, and even feels eerily similar to taking a big bite out of a slab of juicy saltwater taffy. And by building upon that signature base with sweet and savory fruit flavors, they have created some extraordinary flavor profiles such as Gr8 Ape, a perfect emulation of classic grape taffy, and H2O Berry, a delicious mix of watermelon accented with notes of strawberry and wild berries. Try a bottle for yourself today and prepare to be transported to sandy shores and salty breezes.



  • Gr8ape Taffy - is the perfect recreation of a exquisitely balanced saltwater taffy blended with a luscious grape. Enjoy a massive slab of Gr8ape Taffy without the guilt.

  • H2O Berry - is a mouthwatering surge of sweet and crisp watermelon taffy with a fresh undertone of strawberry. We would say it's perfect for summer but it's actually perfect all year long.

  • Tr4 Blu - is immense. Quality blueberry extract is infused with a taffy base to create a liquid that will be hard to resist for anybody

  • Big Apple - delectably smooth fresh taffy flavor with a blend of ripe and crisp green apples to create a delicious and crave-able vaping experience!

  • K3nana Taffy - the king of throwbacks to that classic brightly colored taffy of our youth, leaving you with that same, sweet, mouth watering sensation.