One of the mainstays of the industry Space Jam has been producing some of the most popular juices to hit the market since near the beginning of the vape craze. They continue to innovate and create flavors that vapers around the world enjoy every day.



  • Andromeda: The original flavor made by our Mix Master. Pomegranate and Blueberries.

  • Eclipse: Notes of Vanilla Bean with Cavendish tobacco. Some swear it tastes just like Golden Grahams!

  • Pluto: A Watermelon Bubblegum with just a hint of Mint giving a slight cooling effect on the exhale.

  • Pulsar: Fusion of cherry and freshly-pressed limes.

  • Particle X: Straight-from-the-state-fair spun sugar, flavored with sweet blueberry and tangy raspberry.