While many other popular eliquid manufacturers have been releasing new product lines over the last couple years, the New England-based Cold Fusion Juice boys were busy re-imagining their original line, including a top to bottom rebrand, and multiple distribution partner changes.  Father Time finally caught up with them, in the form of recent product release deadlines.  Fortunately for their customers, the flavors they've been developing over that two year span since the release of Cold Fusion are even better than the original line, thanks to all the knowledge and experience they gained during that time.


IonYour favorite summer time lemonade with a raspberry twist for all the Cold Fusion Hiss Tank fans.

Neutron - A creamy vanilla milk with a subtle almond note that you will crave all day.

Electron - Your grandmother’s vanilla custard pie, complete with graham cracker crust, topped with even more crumbled graham crackers, because you can never have enough graham.

Proton - A delectable vape consisting of vanilla ice cream and sweet strawberries in alternating layers, topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Photon - Refreshing and lightly sweet, this summer time fruit nectar is expertly blended, creating a perfect fruit harmony on the palate.