Northern Virginia based Guardian Angel Vapor Company was created by Cavan and Jackie in honor of a dear friend who unfortunately passed away in May of 2016.  He is their Guardian Angel.

The original plan was for their friend to move to Virginia and assist them in opening a vape shop, with him as their in-house e-liquid maker.  After his passing, they felt compelled to continue his dream of creating quality liquids in his memory.  After much guidance, late nights, and countless revisions, Guardian Angel Vapor Company was born.

Baby Cakes - Vanilla Cake fell in love with Cheesecake.  Nine months later, Baby Cakes was born.  Imagine a cheesecake cupcake with a light, whipped frosting.

Shorty - Strawberry shortcake with a Southern twist.  Shorty starts with a buttery, Southern-style biscuit and smothers it with sweet strawberries and cream

P.I.C - When Pistachio Ice Cream met Caramel Drizzle, they not only became best friends, they became Partners In Crime.