Endless Possibilities - Our many years of studious research have proven there’s nothing more satisfying on a humid summer day than a cool refreshing bowl of mixed berries.  That’s why we developed Endless Possibilities.  Experience a swirl of raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate, with a hints of dragon fruit and blackberry, melting together in your mouth like sun-kissed, syrupy goodness.  There’s so much juicy flavor in here, you can practically blow bubbles.  So treat yourself to one of our personal favorites, and you’ll be exclaiming like Kevin Garnett winning a championship with the Celtics: “Anything is possible!”

Motivation - Motivation is all about what you do to achieve your goals.  When you have to be at your best, choose this smooth blend of banana and strawberries that’s topped with fresh cream.  It’s phenomenally textured with a mellow effervescence that really lingers in your mouth.  There’s nothing artificial here.  Puff this magical elixir and get elevated to the next dimension.  It’s the only way to activate your third eye and see into the future of who you were meant to become.  

Happiness - What does happiness taste like? We think it’s the thirst-quenching melding of frosty peach and crisp cactus fruit that’ll be delightfully wafted onto your palate in a cloud of luxury.  Once you try this concoction, you will be instantly transported to a warm breezy paradise where all your worries disappear forever.  If a flavor profile could describe happiness; this would be it: sweetly succulent and definitively distinct.  Your lips won't read this one any other way.

Inspiration - Bavarian Whipped Cream Delight!