Cold Fusion Juice came into existence in early 2014. As a company we have faced every adversity a company could deal with and always came out on top. After a little over a year of highs and lows we came together with another great company named Triton Distribution, and the remaking of Cold Fusion Juice began.

Facing many arguments both internally and from our loyal customers we dropped the old logo and worked towards a complete rebrand. Our new logo and futuristic labels allowed us to launch our brand under the same name, yet feeling like a different company. A more mature company if you will. Our Triton launch was a success and we have seen amazing growth from Cold Fusion Juice.


Even more satisfying than when you finally hit level 20 and gained access to your favorite video game’s zombie-slaying, high-powered assault rifle, Galil is a Max VG assault on your senses, combining bold, delicious hazelnut with rich, creamy crème brûlée.  Heed this eliquid’s Call.  It’s your Duty to vape it.

Hiss Tank

Ever watch a movie and cheer for the hero?  Not Cold Fusion!  We root for the bad guys, including our favorite bad guys, COBRA, to whom we pay tribute with Hiss Tank.  Hiss Tank explodes with fruity goodness, with its juicy, sweet raspberry and dragon fruit mix, dotted with mysterious notes, and other secret, fruity notes.

Shock And Awe

As jaw dropping as the name implies, Shock & Awe will blow your mind with its refreshing explosion of peaches and mangoes, followed by a secret blend of hidden flavors that will poke and prod your taste buds throughout the inhale/exhale.


Typhoon is a pehfect stawm of flavah, djood.  The newest flavor from the Boston-based boys at Cold Fusion, Typhoon blends an assortment of tropical fruits together with a sweet, creamy base, resulting in a tropical smoothie with flavor bigger than a baby freaking whale.

Warning Shot

Every great rebel, from the Lexington Minutemen and soldiers at Pearl Habor to Rocky Balboa, has a defining moment when they choose to stand and fight rather than duck and run.  Cold Fusion has done the same, blazing their path and firing a Warning Shot at the e-liquid industry.  Warning Shot blends a delicious one, two punch of succulent, juicy berry undertones with a creamy, smooth custard exhale.