Based in Oklahoma City, Captivape was created in the early days of vaping over 3 years ago by John, with his 4 plus years of eliquid mixing experience, and his eventual partners Matt and Kristi.

Captivape Creations was born of a combination of John’s culinary experience and love for the vape community. He wanted to create a clean, classy, direct, yet sophisticated and high quality ejuice line without the marketing frills and obscure names that make it impossible to tell what flavor you’re buying.

And that’s what you get with Captivape Creations eliquids. No B.S. Just delicious, high-quality, no nonsense flavors.

  • Strawberry Cereal - Almost like crumbling up red berry cereal bars into a bowl, then pouring milk over them.  You’ll get the deliciously nutty, wholegrain cereal flavor, topped with strawberries and a splash of whole milk.

  • Strawberry Milk - This eliquid is best described by one of Captivape’s rabid fans:  “You get rich, sweet, candied strawberries and an extremely creamy, realistic milk.  It’s like [Popular Strawberry Milk Brand].  No.  Actually, it’s like sugared strawberries pureed in fresh cream.”

  • Chocolate Milk - A creamy, satisfying, classic taste, Chocolate Milk is exactly what you’d expect.  A cold glass of milk blended with chocolatey goodness.